Independent Model Escort

Welcome to Independent models To tell more about our self-let me first present myself, My Name is Anita  and I am born in Delhi and now staying in Delhi I started this work Delhi escorts with two of my friend name Seema from Delhi & Kathy who usage to work as an Delhi escorts. We use to work for a company where customer use to call us for Service, and We use to join the client and then become back to our agency. Slowly we originate the individual whom we worked for did not pay us on spell so Left from near and combined a company in Delhi and he happen to luxury us the same way with same motive, Me and my friend then definite that when we being so well tasteful and from a high society can have problem formerly what could have happen to the Escort girls in Delhi who are employed for others. Then we obvious to start on our personal where all were independent and here was no boss on any one’s head that’s just how we qualified of meeting all the Delhi escorts and speak to them who were ready to joint us , we got 10 Delhi escorts who said to yes to us.


Earlier we went to Delhi and spoke to many Delhi escort and told them what we were planning to start there I came across a person who helped us finding the call girls in Pune and before he also went a step advancing in speaking to all the escorts in Delhi to join our collection and we had many of them connection us. From there we went to Delhi and did the same by language to the Delhi escorts and they arranged to, In Delhi it was easy to clarify to the escort  in Delhi because all were model shapes, later from there we went to Delhi and spoke to the Delhi escorts and as I was an Tamil female it was easy for me to exchange to the escorts in Delhi but it did not effort out because the person whom we told was a agent by himself so that was the motive it did not work out later Me and my friend exited and met all the escort girls in Delhi and spoke to them and they agreed. Then we headed towards Delhi but the escort over there did not work together so from there we traveled to Mumbai and spoke to the Delhi escorts and they happen to appreciate thing much better than any other place so one of them exited and later spoke to other escorts in Delhi and agreed them to joint our company. One Imperative thing to tell you are no one gives any one ready for the dates they get but yes everybody is happy since they are direct with the customer and no client would love to have a middle individual to handle things. Yes because we will not be clever to speak to everybody we have a tale-caller who is paid to collect info about client and the reservation date and place so it becomes easy for us to say to the clients directly.


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